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Dexter’s Lab Hentai Story: "Verbiage – Chapter 1"

“Misanthrope.” Dexter sneered up at Mandark.

“Philanthropist.” His rival replied with a pugnacious smirk.

“Not only is that complimentary to me, it’s a rather self-deleterious comeback on your part.”

“Your altruism will be your downfall, Dexter!”

The redhead opened his mouth to respond, but instead found himself gaping.

Altruism? What the heck does that mean! In his mind he flipped through hundreds of pages all at once, trying to find a definition as quickly as possible before time ran out.

The other chuckled as he waited for the reply that would never come. “You don’t know ‘altruism‘? Ah well, another point for me.”

Dexter snapped back to reality. “This is far from over, Mandark!”

“That would be 20 for me, 18 for you. Ta-ta!” With a sanguine laugh, Mandark turned and walked away.

Dexter didn’t exactly know how it all started. All he knew was that at some point during their SAT Prep class, they had started a strange but entertaining game of SAT vocabulary insulting. While learning probably 300 words a day, in addition to extra words from their readings, there was no limit to how many insults they could affront each other with.

Misanthrope hater of mankind

Philanthropist one who helps mankind

Pugnacious combative, willing to fight

Deleterious having a harmful effect

Sanguine cheerful, confident

Yeah, I’m doing SAT vocab review. And I had this idea, so. It’s Dexter and Mandark friendship, I guess.

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Dexter Laboratory Porn Story: "I’m starting to like them what do i have to do – Chapter 1"

Hi I deleted my other version of this story because I had a different idea anyway of any of the previous readers wants to read this one go ahead anyway here it is.


This is how its starting. I arrive in my new city, it was like being sucked into the past, it is a Sunday, school tomorrow, mom, do I have to go tomorrow? I and my brother, Tj, ask her, well she isnt my mom, shes my step-mom her name is Annie.

Yes guys, you have to, and Haley, I want you to wake up early tomorrow, so I can help you with your hair and make-up, she told me looking at my hair.

Annie, one: I dont, I repeat, DONT where make-up, two: if I wear my hair any other way itll just end up like this, I said showing my hair down, the knots all over. I guess I should tell you a little about my family.

Annie is an oriental, her brown hair is usually worn down in curls, her eyes are brown, and also she is a nurse. Tj, he is one of my step-brothers, Justins the other one, has kinda emo bangs, but short in the back, brown, he is in 9th grade, like me. Justin has a buzz cut, hair color: unknown, he is going to collage this year. My only step-sister was Madison, she is in 2nd grade, has blond hair, like me and my biological brother, James, and blue eyes. James has long blonde hair, green eyes, plays guitar, in 11th grade. I have long blonde hair in a ponytail, that is my look, and green eyes, but even though Im in 9th grade Im not suppose to be in fact Im a year younger than Tj. Last but not least is my dad, Paul, he has brown hair and a military hair cut. I Continue reading

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Dexter Laboratory Hentai Story: "DexDark Into the Rabbit Hole Oneshot – Chapter 2"

Atthe same time, Mandark and Olga began to walk together to the park.

“Ihope that Gary brat is there so I can pulverize him again in Frisbeegolf.” Olga rubbed her hands in anticipation and grinned.

Mandarkgroaned. “Honestly, you’re obsessed with that kid.”

“Iam not! He’s just fun to beat.” Olga protestedvehemently.

“Wellafter watching you two duke it out in basketball, volleyball,badminton, tennis, skateboarding, biking, monkey bars, running, hackysack, bubblegum blowing, spitting, tree climbing, arm wrestling,Sepak Tecraw, burping, pushups” Mandark took a deep breath.”you have to admit he’s more than a stranger now.”

“I’mjust a little competitive. That’s all.” The raven-haired girlshrugged, her pigtails bobbling up and down with each step.

“Alittle?” Mandark asked incredulously.

“It’sstill not obsession-”


“Let’snot forget who the real obsessive one is here!” Olgareminded her brother.

“Hmm,that’s a thought. Maybe you’re in love with Gary, then.” Mandarkteased

“Eww!No, NEVER!” Olga spat, then punched her brother in the arm.”Just for that, I should tell Dexter”

“Alright,alright I take it back.” Mandark rolled his eyes and rubbed hisarm.

Thesiblings arrived at the park, the sun now completely above the hills.There were only a few people at the park, and most of them werechildren playing on the playground as their parents watched fromafar. It was fairly quiet, apart from a few screams once in awhile.

Olgascanned the area, searching for Gary. She did not see hi Continue reading

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In this pic its Dexter’s sister Deedee in a nice pink dress with high heel socks – she never looked more sexy!

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Dexter gives his uber-sexy mother a lovely doggie… while Didi and Dad are watching!

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Dexter’s Lab Hentai Story: "Dex’[s 1st love – Chapter 2"

Part 2 yay! Now as we left off, jessie wanted to tell dexter something and mandark was pissed off with dex. Now we continue…

“what did you want to tell me jessie?” inquired dexter.

“Im in love with you dexter.”

Awestruck by this he replied by telling her his secret to her.

“im in love with you too jessie, and ill do anything to be with you.”



“okay, how about we write letters to each other letters in class?”

“but its against the rules-”

“but dexter I thought you loved me and would do anything for me.”

“oh yeah I guess I did say that.”

“we start tomorrow then?”


‘i really like jessie, but writing notes in class? whats wrong with me?’ dexter thought.


‘i have that little twip right where i want him. since hell do anything for me i can milk him for all hes worth and he wont mind.’

working in darkness mandark, combining black/white magic and science, attempted to make the perfect love potion to get jessie to adore him rather then dexter. how dare dexter make the first move on jessie. that was his job not dexters.

thats all for now im tired of typing from paper to comp. sorry the parts are so short my hands hurt like hell and ive been really tired lately. so until tomorrow story time is over. *flys into sunset*

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As always Dexter’s hot mom can share a five minutes for fucking while cleaning up the floor…

Dexter S Laboratory Hentai

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